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Välkommen. Art Distribution är en stiftelse som ägnar sig åt kvalificerade konstnärliga projekt såsom bokutgivning, teater, utställningar, föredrag och miljöprojekt. Verksamheten leds av författaren och konstnären Percival. Klicka här för att läsa en intervju med Percival.

Och här är en artikel från sommaren 2016. http://tidningenkulturen.se/index.php/ovrigt-kat/ovrigt-kat-24/21571-en-sommardikt-av-percival

Här kan ni också beställa de utgivna böckerna. För närmare information om de övriga verksamheterna - skriv till:



Art Distribution
Askrikegatan 13
115 57 Stockholm

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Art Distribution is a foundation that started during the sixties and has been doing a lot of work in the fields of art, e.g. exhibitions, book publishing, theatre, dance, and music.

In one of our first book catalogues (1967) we wrote about the importance of the freedom of the artist, who must not be ruled by commercial interests.

The true artist in every human being is, according to our opinion, the only one who has got the knowledge and ability to create a living society in harmony with nature.

During the seventies and eighties we collaborated with museums, theatres, and other institutions, e.g. the Culture House in Stockholm.

During the nineties we participated in a Mayan solar initiation in Mexico and organized theatre festivals and “medieval” exhibitions. Our most important project, which started in 1990, is called “Theatre Europe”. – One of our festivals was dedicated to Samuel Beckett, whose works have always been a source of inspiration and who was aware of Art Distribution's first steps.

In the year of 2002 we joined a holistic conference in Ecuador, and in 2003 and 2004 we produced a dance performance: “The Waves. For Mary Magdalene”, and also music on CD – see more about that in connection with Percival's music production.

Percival, the initiator of A.D., is a poet, dramatist, and composer. His latest books in English are: “Time Plays” and “Letters to Shanti”. His musical composition “Play Time Music” was first performed in Quito 2002. Most of his music has been broadcast in Sweden. His book “Från en värld till en annan” (From one World to Another) – essays about literature from Gilgamesh to Beckett – was published by CKM in November 2004. And at the beginning of 2005 Art Distribution will publish a  novel by Katarina Falkenberg called “Alkemistens röda längtan” (The Red Longing of the Alchemist) – see her home  page: www.iamyou.nu

In a time when many writers see darkness and degradation, when people are seeing a world without mercy, A.D. is seeing both the darkness of the old world and the brightness of the new.